Automatic Semantic Versioning for git based software development

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Format System

git-mkver includes a powerful string formatting system for creating version strings in different styles on different branches. This is required as different software often have different restrictions on what a valid version number might be.

For example git is happy with the SemVer standard for tagging but docker does not support the + symbol in docker tags.

All replacements in format strings start with { and end with }. They are recursively replaced so that one may refer to another.

SemVer Formats

The following built in formats conform to the SemVer spec. They cannot be overriden.

Format Token Substitution
Version {Major}.{Minor}.{Patch}
VersionPreRelease {Version}-{PreRelease}
VersionBuildMetaData {Version}+{BuildMetaData}
VersionPreReleaseBuildMetaData {Version}-{PreRelease}+{BuildMetaData}

Built-in Formats

Format Token Substitution
Next Full Semantic Version
Tag Full Semantic Version as a tag (includes the prefix)
TagMessage Tag Message
Major Version major number
Minor Version minor number
Patch Version patch number
PreRelease Pre-release
BuildMetaData BuildMetaData
Branch Branch name
ShortHash Short Hash
FullHash Full Hash
CommitsSinceTag Number of commits since last tag
Tagged? true if this commit is tagged (CommitsSinceTag == 0), false otherwise
dd Day
mm Month
yyyy Year
Tag? true if this branch is allowed to be tagged; false otherwise
Prefix Tag prefix
env.XXXX Environment Variables

Environment Variables

All environment variables are available under a set of formats prefixed with env.. For example {env.BUILD_NUMBER} would get the BUILD_NUMBER environment variable. This is most useful for getting information from build systems.